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Heart Rate Zone Calculator.
More information about the chart and references Notes:
Known Quantities ( Age is required ):  Age:  Resting Heart Rate:  Max Heart Rate:
Carmichael test. Average HR for 2 X 3 mile time trials Notes:
USATF test.  Average heart rate for two miles at maximum speed:
Borg Borg Descriptor
Speaking and thinking scale % of HRR Heart Rate Physiological description Carmichael workouts
6 No Exertion at all            
7 Extremely Light Can sing in full stanzas          
9 Very Light Can sing a few lines <20        
10     20 - 29        
11 Light Can talk in full sentences 30 - 39        
12     40-49   Lactate Threshhold 1 Foundation Miles Notes HR:

Aerobic Threshold Training. Notes

13 Somewhat Hard Can talk - a few sentences at a time 50-59     Endurance Miles Notes HR:  
14   Can talk - a few words at a time 60-69        
15 Hard (Heavy)   70-78    

Steady State Notes HR:

Climbing Repeats Notes HR:

Lactate Threshold Training. Notes

16   Can't talk, but can think clearly 79-84   Lactate threshhold 2


17 Very Hard Need to focus to maintain intensity 85-90      

Critical Zone Training. Notes

18   Struggle to maintain intensity 91-95        
19 Extremely Hard "Brain dead" - really hurting 95-99        
20 Maximal Exertion "End is imminent" 100   The MAX!    

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